With decades of experience, High Apptitude is able to provide an all-around service to help bring your company to the masses including first-class websites using the latest popular frameworks and styles as well as mobile solutions for iOS and Android devices.


Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application framework using the Ruby programming language to easily create websites with forms, databases, and security using a MVC design style with easily added "Ruby gems" to help expedite the design process for commonly used functions. Gaining more and more popularity, Rails is quickly becoming the go-to choice for large-scale websites.


Laravel has quickly become the go-to framework for PHP web applications. With its MVC design, it makes web applications easy to manage and more organized as well as offering an endless set of features to make the site run more smoothly.


Symfony was one of the first major players in the PHP framework market. Borrowing a lot of ideas from Ruby on Rails and Django, it is still a very popular framework and attractive for its ability to run on older web servers.


HTML5 has become the most popular method for web design. With the death of Adobe Flash for mobile devices and the simplicity of HTML, the popularity of HTML5 has grown exponentially as the easiest, fastest, and most compatible website designing language. Bundled with the ever increasing features of CSS 3.0, web pages can now be pieces of art. First impressions are the most important, and with the possibilities of HTML5 and CSS3, you can catch the eye of potential customers.


The best way to make a more immersive and interactive experience with web sites is with Javascript. For years, it became more and more complex to do dynamic content such as AJAX requests, DOM manipulation, and animations, but with jQuery this has become a very powerful tool used by almost all web developers to help create more modern and attractive web applications.


PHP in combination with a database server such as MySQL is the backbone to any good web application. With collections of customer, product, and statistical data, PHP gives you the power to display and save all of this information with each visit to your website in order to develop a great experience for your customers. By also throwing in Javascript, you can create a spectacular dynamic website by harnessing the power of AJAX which brings excitement to a standard web page.


The largest and most popular platform for mobile applications is beyond a doubt Apple's App Store. With a large viewership from people's smartphones, to tablets, to televisions, iOS is a great development platform to share your Games and Apps to a large communnity quickly and profitably.


The largest and most popular platform for mobile applications recently got a new programming language from Apple. With Swift, iOS programming has become even easier and efficient.


Android development is quickly becoming the most popular development platform in the world. Based on JAVA, Android is a very easy and cost-effective way to get your Game and App ideas published for the world to see. With the help of Android's vast smartphone market and emerging tablet and home media device market, Android is becoming a vital part of any online business.


High Apptitude was founded in late 2011. Since then, it has continued to grow and adapt to the constantly changing application development landscape. With a goal to keep companies in the modern age, development platforms, styling, and optimizations must be updated to keep everything up-to-date.